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Operations Director: Gerhard van der Berg

Inyathi Tours is not just a business, it’s a family’s journey of resilience and passion. Started in 2017 by Gerhard van der Berg where we started to explore by bringing International guests into South Africa to come and share the beauty of our country, Gerhard has worked out numerous tours and transported various tour groups. Even thou Gerhard is not a tour guide, Inyathi always look for the best Tour guides for their groups. Not only tour guides, Vehicles are another critical piece to the puzzle where Inyathi has 100% up to standard vehicles from 5 Seaters to 22 seaters. All permitted, passanger liability and insured.  Their son, AJ, still in school, represents the promise of a new generation invested in the family legacy.

This family-driven enterprise is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each client experiences the warmth and dedication that comes with a personalized touch. 

From the inception of the idea to the on-the-road experience, Inyathi Tours is committed to providing quality and reliability, turning every kilometer into an adventure

Contact us now to share our passion with you, and let us take you there.

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