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Toyota Quantum
11 and 14 Seater GL 2.8 Diesel Manual

Toyota Quantum
14 Seater GL 2.5 D4D Manual

Mercedes Vito 116 Tourer Pro
8 Seater 2.2 Diesel Automatic

Hyundai Staria
9 Seater 2.2 Diesel Automatic

4×4 Bakkies
Toyota & Ford 4×4 Double Cabs

Toyota Quantum
11 and 14 Seater GL 2.8 Diesel Manual
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Toyota Quantum
14 Seater GL 2.5 D4d Manual
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Mercedes Vito 116 Tourer Pro
8 Seater 2.2 Diesel Automatic
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Hyundai Staria
9 Seater 2.2 Diesel Automatic
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4x4 Bakkies
Toyota & Ford 4x4 Double Cabs
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Toyota Coaster

23 seater 
2.8 Auto and 4.0L Manual

CIBA Roadshow

A Journey with Inyathi Tours: A Roadshow adventure across South Africa

As the Chartered Institute for Business Accountants (CIBA) embarked on its 2023 Roadshow, the success of our journey was not solely defined by the destinations, but by the seamless experience of getting there. Inyathi Tours, our chosen transportation partner, played an instrumental role in turning each mile into a memorable part of our adventure.

From the bustling streets of Johannesburg to the tranquil landscapes of the Eastern Cape, Inyathi Tours became more than just a transportation service; they were the architects of our cross-country voyage. Their commitment to excellence was evident from the very beginning.

Attention to detail beyond expectations

One of the hallmarks of Inyathi Tours was their meticulous attention to detail. From the moment we stepped onto their vehicles, it was apparent that every aspect of our journey had been carefully considered. Clean, well-maintained vehicles became our mobile offices, ensuring we could maximize productivity between destinations.

Flexibility as a Virtue

The nature of a roadshow often demands flexibility, and Inyathi Tours embraced this with enthusiasm. Changes in schedules, unexpected stops, and diverse requirements were met with a smile and a solution. This level of flexibility not only eased the logistical aspects of our journey but also allowed us to fully focus on the objectives of our roadshow.

CIBA Roadshow
CIBA Roadshow

Customer service that exceeds expectations

Inyathi Tours’ commitment to customer service was nothing short of exceptional. Their staff, from drivers to support personnel, were not just professionals but became an integral part of our team. Friendly, accommodating, and always willing to go the extra mile—quite literally—Inyathi Tours set a benchmark for customer service in the transportation industry.

Safety and Reliability

In a journey spanning thousands of kilometers, safety and reliability are paramount. Inyathi Tours not only met but exceeded these expectations. Well-trained drivers, regular maintenance checks, and adherence to the highest safety standards instilled confidence in our team, allowing us to focus on the objectives of the roadshow.

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